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Roadside assistance services in Arizona are on the rise during the summer time. The boiling roads and dry heat makes AZ as the leading state in flat tire change requests. The AZ heat is a major cause for other breakdown types. But don’t worry. TOW SQUAD covers the entire Arizona state. From Nogales to Tucson, Phoenix metro all the way to the hoover dam. Whether you need to tow your car, change a flat tire, have some fuel delivered for you vehicle. We got you covered.

  • distraction

    Like texting-while-driving, on-board computer systems can represent a dangerous distraction from the road.

  • Video of Tower Outburst Goes Viral

    The widespread use of camera phones can inflate a single incident, and unfairly paint the reputation of an entire business.

  • stlouspfd

    An annual gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts in St. Louis ensnared local police this week, resulting ultimately in two deaths, dozens of arrests and nearly ninety bikes towed.

  • tow2

    Tow owner in Penn. is suing local police chief, claiming his company has been denied tow work despite contract

  • towwing

    Towing companies could be facing new local guidelines from OH Supreme Court decision…

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