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You’re riding free, when you realize that, like cars, motorcycles break down too. So how could a tow truck hook a motorcycle? Don’t worry, Tow Squad’s Professional Motorcycle Towing Service will send you out a tow truck with all the equipment you need to get your favorite bike back home.

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What To Do When Your Bike Needs a Tow

Motorcycle Towing is not as simple as a regular vehicle towing. Unfortunately, motorcycles don't have the cargo space to hold the tools you need for every roadside assistance situation you may face on the road. Then, you come to the realization that there are only a limited number of towing companies that provide roadside assistance services for motorcycles.

Fortunately for you, Tow Squad will safely get your bike loaded and towed to its destination in no time.

Our professional and fully trained tow truck drivers have the equipment and know-how to get your bike safely strapped on to a fully equipped flatbed tow truck. There's no worry on your end, our drivers are insured and knowledgeable when it comes to Motorcycle towing & transporting. We'll get you riding free in no time, just call 877-TOWSQUAD

Use a Professional Motorcycle Towing Service Provider:

Don't wish to go through the hassle of performing motorcycle towing by yourself? Then simple call Tow Squad experienced motorcycle towing representatives and get back your way in now time.

Motorcycle Towing Options & DIY

Whatever your purposes will be, you can't just tie up the motorcycle with your bumper and pull it along to resolve your motorcycle towing challenge. In case you own a pickup truck with a wide open cargo area, you can invest in a variety of bike cradles, or just call Tow Squad motorcycle towing experts at 888-603-2599 to get your bike towed now. These are your other options:

Flatbed Motorcycle Towing:

Flatbed trailers generally provide you with sufficient space so that you can transport around different types of cargo. Depending on the specific product, you might have good enough space for two motorcycles or perhaps whole automobile.

Two-Wheel Motorcycle Towing Trailers:

The standard two-wheel bike towing trailer style uses the properties making flat bed motorcycle towing perform and pieces all of them right down to the bare requirements.

Motorcycle Towing Cradles:

Bike towing cradles (also known as motorcycle trailer hitch dollies & receiver hitch motorcycle caddies) enable you to ultimately hook the front wheel of the motorcycle to the vehicle and allow the back wheel roll freely behind.

Motorcycle Towing in The News

  • Hydraulic-Powered Platforms Offer Stability   HADLEY, Penn. – For many tow shops, when a call comes in for motorcycle transport, it often involves tying down the bike with varying degrees of stability.  It’s not always an exacting science, frequently complicated by customized bikes

  • The Liability Series Continues…  On the job recklessness can up the ante in cases of negligence – leaving shop owners to pick up the pieces.

  • Extinguishes Flames After Crash Leaves Woman on Fire   BRISBANE – A tow operator in Australia is being thanked and honored after his quick action potentially helped save a young woman’s life. The driver was Glenn Nilson, who works for Ready Towing based in Brisbane – the

  • Motorcycle Ride Honors Tow Op

    Father of Two Killed At Roadside, Life Celebrated By Bikers, Towing Community   ONTARIO – Friends and family honored a fallen tow truck operator Saturday with a motorcycle ride to raise funds for his favorite wildlife charity.  They dubbed it “Ride on the Wildside,” with over sixty

  • A tow truck driver was rescued in LA

    Tow Op Slides 300 Feet Down Cliff in Malibu LOS ANGELES – A tow truck driver was rescued by emergency personal Friday after sliding almost 300 feet down a cliff in Malibu Friday evening. The 36 year old man from Newbury Park and his partner were sent out on call to … Read More

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