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Light Duty Auto Towing Services by Tow Squad

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Just got stranded? no worries. Light Duty towing is considered to be the most common type of auto towing request. Any vehicle that weighs 14,000 (GVWR lbs) or lower is applicable for a Light Duty tow.

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Light Duty Towing Services Offered and Auto Towing Tips

Does your vehicle fall into the Light Duty category?

In order to determine whether your vehicle applies to light duty towing or not please read the following requirements:

  • Any 2 and 4 Door Cars
  • Small Pickup Trucks and SUV's
  • Sports Cars

Still not sure what is the exact type of auto towing you may require? call Tow Squad now and our agents will figure it all out for you. We have all tow truck types standing by for your help.


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Auto Towing Tips - What You Should Know When You Need a Tow

Maybe you are a first timer or perhaps have experienced your vehicle towed before. It's essential to follow the following 5 guidelines when you're looking for towing companies.

  • Each auto towing company will need to have towing operation permit, provided by the town, county or state. Depending on the locale. Simply click here to discover the towing laws in your area.

  • Each towing vehicle need to be covered with insurance to cover full harm to your automobile. You’ll be amazed at how quite a few towing firms don't pay their insurance policy bills.

  • ETA. Estimated time of arrival. You must be sure that this tow company is not over booked, or else you will find yourself waiting around for hours along the side of the street.

  • All tow truckers has to be skilled. Experience is often a key factor when it comes to light duty towing.

  • And lastly will be the price. Ensure that there won't be any disguised charges when you first get in touch with the selected auto towing company. Always be detailed as you can regarding your scenario to prevent any surprises.

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