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Medium Duty Towing Services

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Medium Duty Towing & RV Towing, Who is it For?

Medium duty vehicles are classified under 3 classes; 4, 5 and 6.

Medium duty towing is recommended for the following:

The Class 4 truck gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) ranges from 14,001 to 16,000 pounds (6,351 to 7,257 kg). Examples of vehicles in this class include select Ford F-450 trucks, Dodge Ram 4500, and the GMC 4500.

The Class 5 truck gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) ranges from 16,001 to 19,500 pounds (7,258 to 8,845 kg). Examples of trucks in this class include the International TerraStar, GMC 5500, Dodge Ram 5500, and the Ford F-550.

The Class 6 truck gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) ranges from 19,501 to 26,000 pounds (8,846 to 11,793 kg). Examples of trucks in this class include the International Durastar, GMC Topkick C6500.and the Ford F-650

Motor Homes & RV's The Class A motor home is a recreational vehicle constructed over a stripped truck chassis where the operating compartment is an integral part of the Recreational vehicle interior. Class A motor homes are similar to buses unlike the Class C motor homes.

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Medium Duty Towing & RV Towing Tips

Towing a Medium Duty Vehicle or RV is not that different from towing a regular car, however, the following tips can help guarantee that no error is made and that medium duty towing or RV towing services is completed seamlessly:

    • Besides from the MAKE and MODEL of the motor vehicle, giving a Gross Vehicle Weight can help through the prompt choice & delivery of the right truck for your personal required service
    • Medium duty motor vehicles often carry equipment & load, which often can affect the total Vehicle Weight. notifying the Dispatch representative about this additional baggage can avoid the wrong type of Service Vehicle being delivered
    • Understanding the actual length, width, & height of your motor vehicle will help the Dispatching Agent to efficiently find out the availability of a service unit which will handle it's total capacity for the medium duty towing or RV Towing
  • In the event that the Medium Duty towing Service is for equipment, the size is going to be essential in order to provide the appropriate solutions and prevent possible problems

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