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Fuel Delivery Services by Tow Squad

24/7 Roadside Fuel Delivery Assistance

It's a busy world and sometimes we forget the most common of items. You've run out of gas and you're stuck on the highway at 2:00am! No need to worry with Tow Squad's 24/7/365 Fuel Delivery Assistance. We have shortest response time in the industry, guaranteed!

24/7/365 IMMEDIATE RESPONSE CALL 888-603-2599

Gas Delivery & Diesel Delivery Services

What to do When Out of Fuel

Whether your fuel gauge is off, or you were just running on fumes trying to get to the closest service station, running out of gas is an inconvenience to anyone's day. Luckily, Tow Squad drivers are equipped with fuel containers and will get to the scene with the type of gasoline you need. Your vehicle runs on diesel? Not a problem, we provide that too.

The 2-3 gallons our tow driver will bring you will be plenty for you to get your vehicle to a station where you can fill up. Once the driver will get to you with your fuel delivery, you'll be back on the road in minutes. If your car slows to a stop because your tank is empty, call 877-TOWSQUAD, and we'll get that much needed fuel delivery to you!

Fuel Delivery types: Gas Delivery or Diesel Delivery

At Tow Squad we understand that stranded motorists can run out of every fuel type that's why we make sure to offer delivery for every gas type available:

Any vehicle type:

  • Gas delivery 87 or Regular
  • 89 Mid-Grade or Plus
  • 91 Premium
  • Diesel Delivery

Fuel Delivery TypesFuel delivery types available


Fuel Delivery in The News

  • Obama’s ride needed a fast tow after breaking down in Tel Aviv early Wednesday. Turns out it wasn’t the wrong fuel after all. And according to the tow shop, there won’t be any presidential discounts for this job.

  • Popular mobile app provides best local gas prices through a network of members sharing the pricing info.

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  • Connecticut Crew Manages Hazardous Recovery   DANBURY, CT –  The team from Lisi’s Towing in Brewster were called to the scene of a tractor-trailer that plunged over two hundred feet down an embankment last Friday. Rescue and recovery efforts were complicated by a fuel leak as well

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