TX Drivers Not Obeying Move Over Law

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News Cameras Show Few React To Tow Crews


LUBBOCK – This week a TV news crew in Lubbock, Texas aired their investigation into how area motorists react while approaching towing crews in traffic.  Texas only recently adopted towing professionals into their ‘Move Over’ law, requiring drivers to slow down or change lanes when approaching a roadside scene.

TX Drivers Not Obeying Move Over Law

TX Drivers Not Obeying Move Over Law

Henry Ramos filed the report for KTBC, taking a crew along with Red Raider Wrecker owner Scott Bickel.  They set up Bickel’s equipment at various locations, essentially simulating a recovery scene.  Then they taped the traffic patterns of approaching motorists.  What they found was alarming, though not surprising.

In all they spent hours between Interstate 27 to the 289 Loop and around 19th street.  Despite observing hundreds of motorists passing the simulated scene, only a handful reacted properly.

“Is today the day that I go out and help you and I don’t get to go home?” Bickel said.  “It concerns me for all my employees.”

Ramos reminded in his report that drivers have to get in the habit of respecting not just blue and red lights.

“Keep in mind of the yellow ones, too.” he says.

Meanwhile in central Texas some law enforcement agencies are stepping up efforts to enforce ‘Move Over’.  From Georgetown to San Antonio they are specifically targeting violators to hopefully raise public awareness to the changes in the law.  The campaign will last two weeks.

Texas’ ‘Move Over’ law was adopted in 2003, but only began recognizing towing professionals in June of this year.  Drivers who fail to change lanes or reduce speed to under 20-mph face a $500 fine.


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