Ice Brings Runaway Vehicles

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Watch Out For Slide Potential


ROCHESTER, N.Y.  –  One of the realities of life – perhaps one that towing professionals recognize more easily then many others – is that we live in a world of motion.  Everything around us and about us moves in perpetual momentum – forward or back, depending on the perspective.

Watch For Runaway Vehicles

Keeping things moving forward is at the heart of the profession – but sometimes even the best can be caught off guard.  One danger that lurks at just about every job site is the threat of a runaway vehicle. Whether using a flatbed or conventional truck, the risk is always there, even for seasoned experts.

Last month a driver in Florida was pinned beneath a pick-up and killed after a vehicle got away from him during hook-up.  Another in Indianapolis was pinned between a vehicle and a fence line, and was barely rescued in time.  A third in Buffalo was suddenly pinned between his wrecker and ditch bank after his truck began sliding on the ice.

Even the most veteran of towing professionals can find themselves in such a scenario. The situation only becomes more risky during colder months, when icy conditions threaten both stability and visibility.

It’s very important not to lose perspective on the weight and speed of a vehicle.  A multi-ton vehicle can pick up speed in no time once it starts moving.  It’s also important not to lose perspective on the the value of a vehicle versus your own well being.  

Many professionals chart out so-called ‘rolling risks’ early on, looking for potential trouble at each new job site.  These can include uneven asphalt, slanted or hilly land – or the natural slope of the street.  This sometimes makes proper positioning for hook-up a vital determination.

In icy conditions, it’s a good idea to stabilize everything as much as possible.  It’s also recommended to use proper lighting at night scenes to improve overall visibility.     

Always double-check that both vehicles are in the proper gear and effectively positioned for the manuever.  Experts recommend taking the job slowly and methodically when facing more difficult conditions.  


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