Fund Set Up After Tow Op Burned

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3rd-Degree Burns Following Fire At Shop


GLOUCHESTER, Virg. – A fund has been established in Virginia for a tow shop owner who was seriously burned in a fire at his shop earlier this month.

Paul ‘Noodle’ Smolich runs Noodle’s Wrecker Service on Route 14 in King & Queen County.  On Feb. 8, Smolich received third degree burns to his hands, thighs and legs following a wood stove fire.  The fire was quickly put under control, sparing the business.

Smolich was rushed to the emergency room at the Medical College of Virginia, where he remains in intensive car.  Also damaged was his esophagus during the smoke inhalation.

Smolich is expected to remain hospitalized for possibly several more weeks, beginning a slow recovery.  

Third degree burns, or full thickness burns, destroy the top two layers of the skin, the dermis and epidermis.  Typically treatment involves antibiotics, pain killers and skin grafts.

The account set up to help raise funds for the family during this transition is the ‘Benefit for Paul Smolich’ at Chesapeake Bank in Glouchester.


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4 Responses to Fund Set Up After Tow Op Burned

  1. matt davis says:

    OUCHHHH. I feel bad for guy! Hope he gets better

  2. teddy Polasknai says:

    dude has a mafia name

  3. Cameron says:

    Really? Another fire? Feel bad for these tow guys..

  4. Rhonda Walton says:

    Thanks for putting this in this paper. He is still in the Critcal Care Burn Unit. Friday it will be a month. He has had 3 surgeries and is recovering well its just along road but everyone has been so kind and we thank and appreciate all the acts of kindness. He considers his life a miracle from God and wants to thank everyone for all the prayers.

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