Tow Truck Protest Derails City Government

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Tow Truckers in Vughn Are Making a Change

VAUGHN – A small city hall in Ontario was highly disrupted for several hours Tuesday by over 100 tow trucker operators protesting new price caps imposed by city council. Vaughn, which is 20 miles north of Toronto, is experiencing difficulty conducting city business and have increased security for the time being.

“It’s going to get really ugly now,” said one owner.

Mr. Mileto, who runs Streetpro Roadside Assistance ran unsuccessfully for the council in 2010, adds. “It’s only going to get bigger and bigger… we’re going to shut down the city of Vaughan with our tow trucks if they don’t listen.”

He says local operators are planning a legal strategy in their ongoing fight to have caps on tow and storage rate repealed. They were voted into effect three weeks ago but only took effect Monday.

They place a maximum rate $125 for non-collision jobs. Storage is now capped at $55 a day, $60 for indoor facilities.

The council planned to review the policies after nine months in effect, but drivers like Mileto say they refuse to let it continue that long.

The protests began one day after the police took effect. The city hall parking lot was overrun with trucks, including at least one hundred drivers. They have continued in lesser numbers on several days since.

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