Homicide Charge Over Hit-And-Run

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Driver Extremely Intoxicated, Police Say 


COLUMBUS, Ohio – An Ohio man will now face an aggravated vehicular homicide charge after fleeing an accident scene that claimed the life of a towing operator.  A Franklin County grand jury also handed up charges of failure to stop after an accident and tampering with evidence. 

William Houck, 60, was struck and killed on Sept. 29 while hooking up a stalled vehicle on Interstate 70 in Columbus.  

The driver, Thomas Frederick, allegedly fled the scene without seeking medical attention for Houck. 

“Whatever he gets, it’s not going to bring my brother back,” says Houck’s sister, Brenda Richards.  “But it’ll be justice for the whole family.”

Houck’s family says that he himself had struggled for years with alcohol dependency, and as such always worked to help others still suffering.

According to the indictment, Frederick’s blood-alcohol content was three times the legal limit in Ohio.  If convicted, he could face over 15 years in prison.

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4 Responses to Homicide Charge Over Hit-And-Run

  1. Molly G. says:

    Oh dear! If emergency vehicles can’t be safe, what can be?

  2. Tiffany Odell says:

    That is so sad!! How many more lives will be lost to these irresponsible people that drink & drive =/

  3. Matt Smith says:

    Tiffany, What do you think is worse. Driving with a buzz or texting while driving? Kind of a trick question. They did a study on it last month.

  4. Jssica Houck says:

    This man… Was the most amazing man that I have ever known…He was the best father a girl could EVER ask for… And Thomas Fredrick… was an idiot. Not only was he drunk, he also was smoking marijuana and on prescription pills….
    Rest in peace daddy… Justice will be served someday… Hopefully soon!

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