Aussie Tow Op Hailed As Hero

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Extinguishes Flames After Crash Leaves Woman on Fire


BRISBANE – A tow operator in Australia is being thanked and honored after his quick action potentially helped save a young woman’s life.

The driver was Glenn Nilson, who works for Ready Towing based in Brisbane – the third largest city in Australia.  He was returning back to the shop on Sept. 29 when he witnessed a sudden accident.

A truck rolled into the back of a Honda motorbike being piloted by a young female driver.  The bike was thrown into the back of another vehicle when its small fuel tank suddenly exploded.  The young driver was engulfed.

Nilson lept into action, locating his fire extinguisher and quickly dousing the flames.  He then helped remove the girl from the accident scene until medics arrived.

The girl’s name and age have not been released.  She may not have been required to be licensed for the small engine bike – and may have been a minor.

Nilson said he acted without thinking.  Others at the scene thanked him for preventing a potentially much worse scenario.  An off-duty female firefighter also joined the scene and Nilson credits her as well.

“She was keeping the lady calm, treating her burns, she was absolutely brilliant.”

On the condition of the driver, who experienced serious burns to at least part of her body – Nilson remains positive.

“Obviously, I wish her all the best,” he said.  “And I hope the young girl ends up being alright.”

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