Tallahassee Tows Protest For Background Checks

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Asking Leon County To Amend Ordinance


TALLAHASSEE – In the state capitol of Florida the issue of background checks for towing professionals has lead to protests at a recent county commission meeting.  At least a dozen local tow drivers were calling for change on the grounds of safety.

Tow Shops Protest for Background Checks

At issue is the lack of a background check to become licensed as a towing operator in Leon County.  Some drivers believe implementing this step will increase public safety and how the industry is viewed in the area.

Daniel and Lisa Bartholf are among those urging the county commission to take action.  They want stranded motorists to know that the professionals coming to assist them are checked out ahead of time.

The couple tells WTXL that not all drivers have good intentions.  They point out that under the current ordinance, anyone can drive or operate a tow truck without having cleared a criminal background check.”

Not all drivers in the area agree with the changes.  Two individuals at different Tallahassee shops indicated to Tow Squad News that it seemed like a way to trim competition.

“It’s a solution looking for a problem,” one driver said.

Lisa Bartholf sees it differently.

“This will allow any wrecker who operates in Leon (County) to have to file and be reported so law enforcement knows you’re there.”

A public hearing is scheduled on the issue for November 13.

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