Last Step - Affiliate Marketing Program FAQ

How do I generate calls?

Get a city to promote and a local phone number – Tow Squad will direct you to the targeted area/s to promote, and will provide one exclusive-to-you phone number per area, so you’ll be able to monitor your performance

 We will also get you a complete list of keywords and connect you with state of the art SEO tools.

Get a domain – you can  use your own domain or get a new domain from Tow Squad

Set up a website – We will provide you with the creative and style aspects. You can use your own websites, or we will provide you with templates to build new sites.

We provide all branded graphics in PSD format so you can conveniently edit the files.


Host your site – you can either use your own hosting servers, or we will host your website for you


Start promoting your website/s –  On-Page and Off-Page SEO, SEM and social media marketing. You name it!

Write blog posts and share them on social networks. Submit and enhance local yellow page directory listings. Create and share videos, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Along with your own experience, Tow Squad will share with you ongoing practices and tips on how to improve rankings consistently, so together we can reach maximum performance!




How do I monitor my performance and earnings?

Real time alerts – You will receive an email alert every time a call is received by your phone number. You will also receive  an email every time a call turns into money (wouldn’t you just love having these messages arriving all day long?)

Search and Reports You will have access from anywhere to your own Tow Squad affiliate account, where you can view all the calls that came in to ANY one of the metro areas you promote. You can see the total charged and your profit for each call, search by dates and more.



There are four types of calls you will see in your dashboard:

“Not dispatched” (Grey) – is an applicable call that was not able to be secured by the call center agent. Either because the price to the stranded motorists was too high, the service type is not covered by Tow Squad, or for other reasons. We are constantly working to improve our capabilities in each metro area, as well as to make sure to stay competitive with the rates offered to stranded motorists.


“Open” (Green) – is a call that was secured by the call center agent and is in the process of being completed. An “Open” job can be changed to either “Closed” or “Canceled.”


“Canceled” (Red) – is a call that was secured by the agent but could not be completed. This usually happens either because the driver got to the customer and the customer was no longer there, or because the customer called to cancel the service request.


“Closed” (Yellow) – is a call that was secured by the call center agent, was completed by the driver and we got paid for it. This is the call type we like to see 🙂


* We do not include wrong numbers, telemarketing and the same customer calling multiple times on the same day



How will you get paid?

Once a week, we will either mail to you a check, pay you by credit card or send you money by Paypal, whichever you prefer


24/7 Immediate Response Towing & Roadside Assistance Call 855-869-7823!