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Lets Talk Numbers


In order to understand the realistic potential of our affiliate program, let’s look at the typical dispatching agent call taking cycle.

Our call center agents are able to secure 35% of the total calls.** Most of the unsecured calls are price checking, or uncovered services.

Then, about 15% of the calls cancel before we get paid for them. Cancellation reasons vary. Most common are: someone helped them, and police have taken charge of the situation.

Finally, we make an average of $30 per call.


This means that out of 10 applicable calls a day you will get paid for 3.5 calls, and you will earn $10.5 – that’s $315 a month. Producing 10 calls a day is quite simple and requires little effort. We expect you to generate hundreds of calls a day. If you produce 100 calls a day you will make $3,150 a month.


We do not limit the number of metro areas you promote, so imagine what you’ll earn if you produce 1,000 calls a day…


        The Sky’s is the limit! 


**(excluding wrong numbers and telemarketing)

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